Snowplow snowflake loader ssl error

I followed the quick start guide to setup snowplow with snowflake on aws using the provided terraform.

When I publish an event, they appear in S3 bucket under transformed/good/

but the data doesn’t get loaded into snowflake. I see this error in cloudwatch logs for snowflake-loader-server

Caused by: 
Certificate for <> doesn't match any of the subject alternative names: [*, *, *, *, *]

but the URL shouldn’t contain azure in it. The correct URL is

how can I update the snowflake loader? did I misconfigure something in the terraform quick-start-examples

Hey @vinaykarode could you share any configuration details with us for how you setup the loader so we can spot where this has gone wrong? Azure for sure shouldn’t be in there!

  • tfvars files
  • generated config files

With that we should be able to spot the problem.