Snowplow pipeline start failing

Hi everyone,

We have a snowplow pipeline running on production which was very stable till yesterday when it crashed. The pipeline crashed because it start complaining about two tables that we didn’t have. We added those tables and it starts working

My question, why snowplow start complaining about those tables now, after more than three years?

Hi @wbenzid,

Do you have any 3rd party integrations? We had similar issues with 3rd party starting integrating Snowplow - they started to push their events to our pipeline (of course not intentionally).

Moreover, as SP is js only, it is in theory possible that anybody opened browser and entered new context. The tow you showed are created automatically with constructor, so do not need a lot of effort to be turned on…

@wbenzid, those tables are at play when you have added the following predefined contexts to your tracking code:

contexts: { 
  'performanceTiming': true,
  'webPage': true