Snowplow normalize dbt package v0.2.3 now supports events without a dvce_sent_tstamp

After some feedback from a user that because of the late arriving data filter any events that came from a source wihtout an dvce_sent_tstamp value were not able to be processed by the normalize package, we’ve made a change in Snowplow Normalize v0.2.3 that allows you to diable this filter entirely by setting snowplow__days_late_allowed to -1 in your project files.


This release allows users to disable the days late data filter to enable normalizing of events that don’t populate the dvce_sent_tstamp field.


  • Allow disabling of days late filter by setting snowplow__days_late_allowed to -1 (#28)


To upgrade the package, bump the version number in the packages.yml file in your project.