Snowplow mini password retrieve

Hi Team,

Need assistance in order to retrieve snowplow mini UI username and password.
Is there any way to retrieve the same.

Snowplow Mini UI at: http://localhost/home

There is no way to retrieve the username and password from Snowplow Mini. As it looks like you are running locally (given it is on localhost), you’d typically tear down and rebuild your Snowplow Mini on your machine. You can reset your username and password via the API, but you’d need to know your existing username and password to be able to call that API (which also means you’d be able to log in, so it’s a moot point really).

Snowplow Mini is primarily designed as a testing/experiment version of a Snowplow pipeline, so you should expect to need to rebuild it occasionally - additionally the Elasticsearch index has a tendency to become invalid if you ever in-place patch a schema which will require a rebuild too. Typically you’d want to have a process or script to recreate your API keys, reupload your schemas (if you have any custom schemas), and reconfigure your enrichments on a rebuild.