Snowplow Mini 0.7.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow Mini 0.7.0.

This is a relatively small Snowplow Mini release following MaxMind’s updated access policy for GeoLite database. Maxmind has updated its policy so that anyone using the GeoLite database needs to register with Maxmind. This is so Maxmind can meet their obligations under CCPA.

As a result, we at Snowplow can no longer distribute the GeoLite database ourselves: Snowplow users who wish to use the database to power the IP to Geo enrichment can continue to do so, but need to setup an account with Maxmind, download the database and configure their Snowplow Mini to use that database to enable the enrichment. Previously we had bundled the GeoLite database with Snowplow Mini, and set it to use that database to perform the geo enrichments on all data collected.

We recommend all Snowplow users upgrade to the latest version of Snowplow Mini ASAP.