Snowplow Labs Twitter account

As some of you have already noticed, recently we launched a Twitter account, @SnowplowLabs, entirely managed by our Engineering team.

This Twitter account is an attempt to make our development process more transparent and improve the way we deliver updates to our community.

Right now the plan is to tweet on the following topics:

  1. Releases of all our OSS components
  2. Release candidates that might be interesting to the community
  3. Vulnerability alerts
  4. RFC announcements
  5. Educational materials related to our technology
  6. General support from our engineers in addition to the Discourse forum.

Among these materials we would like to highlight the second item, “Release candidates that might be interesting to the community”. Previously, we always kept our release candidates private until they were battle-tested on our internal pipelines.

However, our Engineering team would like to change the approach and announce the most interesting assets widely, giving community members a chance to check out long-awaited features and get high-priority support from our engineers.