Snowplow JavaScript Trackers v3.1.4 released

We’re pleased to announce a small release of our JavaScript Trackers which fixes an issue with the crossDomainLinker functionality on certain types of hyperlinks, which has been present since v3.0.0.

Release notes

As described in Issue #1002 if you have a link in this situation:

    <a href="abc">
        <img src.../>

then you will not decorate the link correctly and cross domain linking will not work.

This is now resolved in v3.1.4 (thanks to @philipherrmann), so it is recommended to upgrade to v3.1.4 if using crossDomainLinker in your tracker options. This issue does not effect any v2 releases.


Version 3.1.4 is available as @snowplow/browser-tracker on npm, or as the tag based javascript tracker - available on GitHub Releases , jsDelivr or unpkg.