Snowplow JavaScript and TypeScript Analytics SDK 0.3.0 (and 0.2.0) released

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Snowplow Javascript and Typescript Analytics SDK. Version 0.3.0 brings some major improvements to the build process, support for ECMAScript Modules and a couple of bug fixes!

The Snowplow Analytics SDKs provide the ability to work with Snowplow Enriched events. They are particularly well suited to use in AWS Lambdas or with Apache Spark. We currently offer the JavaScript and TypeScript SDK as well as Scala, Python and .NET Analytics SDKs. You can read more about the Analytics SDKs along with more use cases for them here on our Wiki.

We have to thank Michael Dokolin for this huge contribution! All of the changes you see below have been done by Michael and we’re extremely grateful for his hard work.

Available on NPM
Installation and usage instructions are here


  • Add dashes support in the schema organization name (#12).
  • Rename refr_device_tstamp to refr_dvce_tstamp (#13).
  • Upgrade development dependencies (#23).
  • Migrate to rollup (#22).
  • Migrate to the Airbnb style guide (#21).
  • Add code linting as a build step (#27).
  • Migrate to the automated builds (#20).
  • Refactor unit-tests (#28).
  • Remove non-LTS Node.js versions from Travis CI configuration (#19).
  • Enable TypeScript strict mode (#15).
  • Migrate to eslint (#18).
  • Migrate to prettier (#17).
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