Snowplow iOS Tracker 1.3.0 released

We are pleased to announce Snowplow iOS Tracker 1.3.0

This release introduces Global Contexts, GDPR contexts and support for the Swift Package Manager.
It’s a big step forward for the feature-parity of the mobile trackers. Global contexts and GDPR support were long-waited features. Also, we added Swift Package Manager support, thanks to a contribution of the community. It completes the set of dependency managers supported.

  • Swift Package Manager unable to find headers on subfolders (#503) (Contribution of @vauxhall)
  • Replace deprecated CTTelephonyNetworkInfo methods (#479)
  • Fix deprecated CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes (#493)
  • Fix deprecated keyWindow (#492)
  • Update Technical Docs link (#443)
  • Update copyright (#499)
  • Add GDPR context (#425)
  • Add support for global contexts (#357)
  • Add Swift Package Manager support (#474) (Contribution of @vauxhall)
  • Events processing refactoring (#489)

1.3.0 is available on Cocoapods.

The project’s source code can be found here.



Where can i read about:
Add support for global contexts (#357)?


Hi @rodion_zhukov
You can read about global contexts in the our documentation (just updated):

We will publish soon a blog-post about the features released in the 1.3.0 version.