Snowplow internship program one-off or regular?

Dear all,

I am in the process of writing a short piece about various paid internship programs in foss where I got the link of your internship program -

Was this a one-time thing or something of a regular affair.

I am curious as to what the payment structure was like as the blog post doesn’t share details about that.

ust FYI, this is me -

Looking forward to your response.

Hi @shirishag75 - the Snowplow open-source engineering internships are regular, twice a year (summer and winter). We have three interns working at Snowplow this summer.

We advertise the internships on Hacker News in the Who is Hiring? threads a couple of months before the internships start (but are looking at advertising these internships more widely).

The internships are paid; compensation is determined on a case by case basis.

Hope this helps!

I guess you are open for 2019 as well ?
Let me know, I am curious and excited to apply for such opportunity.

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@alex it would be nice to have a webpage dedicated to this internship. With that done it will be easier to add your internship to projects like this[](http://Open source internships) and also make it easier for interested students

Hi @Hyperion101010, @Ndubuisi_Onyemenam,

I’m glad to see people are interested in our internship program. Unforunately, we’re not planning to hire interns this summer, but certainly looking forward to do it in future again. And I think indeed it is a good idea to have a dedicated page as open source internship is an important part of our company culture.

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Are you planning to hold one this winter?

Hey everyone,
I wanted to know if the organization is thinking of holding the program and offering internships to students this year.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @Kushal_Kumar

Thanks for reaching out. We only have a single Internship position for this year which has already been filled and our Graduate intake for Summer 2022 is also full (the advertisement for this started in January/February).

There is a potential of a Winter 2022/23 Graduate intake, which we will likely launch the application process for around October 2022 if everything goes to plan.

Thanks for the clarification @PaulBoocock
I will be looking forward to the opportunity and will try to go through the codebase of snowplow in the meantime.

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Hello @PaulBoocock,
Is there any update on the Intern intake?

Thanks in advance.
Kushal Kumar

Hi @Kushal_Kumar Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be opening a winter internship this year. Sorry for the bad news!