Snowplow Extension failing due to Circular reference issue

Hi All,

We have been running Snowplow for quite a while now but recently having issues on specific events only. We have tried looking at the payload which we are sending through but that doesn’t seem to provide us more.

Looking to understand if anyone has previously faced this issue & what are the possible solutions which we should try out.

Thanks in Advance!

Based on the error, it does appear that there is a problem with the tracked event payload – it looks like there are some HTML elements tangled in there.

One exercise that you could try is to run the event (including the context entities) through JSON serialization before tracking it. For example, try: JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(event)). That should fail with a similar error as above. You can then dive deeper into the event properties and try to serialize them individually to find the culprit.

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Thanks @matus . It worked!