Snowplow example events


Why are there no example events I can use to send HTTP requests to the collector I’ve set up? The example events that have a nested structure in the documentation contain custom events and so the enricher validation fails.

I just want to test that my pipeline is working correctly with events with base64 encoded attributes with schemas that are in Iglu central, so that I don’t need to upload any custom schemas to my iglu server.

Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? I looked into snowplow event generator but it seems to be outdated and not maintained.

Just one event would be enough, but I can’t find any examples in the documentation with nested attributes that aren’t custom.

I would really appreciate any help here.


We have quick start examples in each of the trackers’ documentation.

The easiest way to achieve the test you describe is to pick one and use those examples.

If you want a quick curl to send to verify that the pipeline is up then you can use:

curl http://{collector_endpoint}/health to check collector health, and
curl http://{collector_endpoint}/i?e=pv to send an empty page view (but this won’t use an iglu central schema)

We don’t have documentation for how to construct a http request to manually do this because there isn’t really a use case for doing that. Built-in events are predefined by trackers. Sometimes there is a use case to send manually constructed http requests for custom events (pixel tracking or webhooks for example).

I like to use the quick test tracking tool on the Snowplow docs site. It’s a quick and easy way to generate some test events and send them to any Snowplow collector.


(Note that the above tool in the docs only works with https:// collector URLs, because of browser limitations around communicating to http:// resources from an https:// site)