Snowplow-bigquery-mutator targets wrong project by default

Hi all,

I just noticed what looks like an issue with bigquery mutator and that is that it seems to ignore the project included in the bigquery_config.json file on table creation.
I worked around this by adding the -e envrionment variable below, but is this the expected behaviour?
Maybe a bit of an edge case…

docker run \   
-v $CONFIGDIR:/snowplow/config \
-e GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS='/snowplow/config/creds.json' \
**-e GCLOUD_PROJECT='target-project' \** \
   create \
  --config $(cat resources/config/bigquery_config.json | base64 -w 0) \
  --resolver $(cat resources/config/iglu_resolver.json | base64 -w 0)

Thanks for the headsup on this @rbkn. By any chance, did you notice which project the mutator was targeting by default? Also, have you seen this issue with any stable releases, eg 0.5.1?

No probs.
Given that my default credentials are pointing to another project altogether, it looks like it might be using the project from GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS.
At least, that would be my guess.

I do think I encountered this same issue previously with a stable release but didn’t note it at the time as I was more focussed on getting it to work.

Thanks @rbkn. This is slated to be fixed in 0.6.0:

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