Snowplow and ClickHouse

Will do you integration with clickhouse?

How do you think i should storage my custom events?
In one wide table or in many tables?

Hi @Antony_Aleksandrov,

We did some experiments with ClickHouse back in 2021. However, right now, as far as data destinations are concerned, we are focusing on 2 big things:

  • Making the pipeline cloud-agnostic, so that we could run it in other clouds (e.g. Azure)
  • The next generation of data lake loaders, which would play better with data lake tooling, compared to our existing S3 and GCS loaders

Unfortunately, this means that we had to put the ClickHouse support on hold :frowning:

Regarding your second question, we find the single table approach better, as you avoid doing joins. Just keep in mind that for Redshift the “wide row” option is not available yet.