Snowbridge 2.1.0 Released

We are happy to announce Snowbridge 2.1.0.

This release introduces native transformations to base64 encode or decode message data.

It also introduces a request_max_messages option to the kinesis target, which allows one to control the amount of messages in a single PutRecords request to kinesis. Because the kinesis target will retry the entire request when any messages fail, this allows us greater control over the amount of duplicates Snowbridge is liable to produce in kinesis.

Finally, it patches the failure_target_success metric, which had been reporting incorrect data.


Fix flaky tests (#277)
Add base64 Decode and Encode transformations (#275)
Reintroduce transformation config via env var (#274)
Patch failure_target_success statsd metric (#272)
Prevent rc images from getting tagged as latest in dockerhub (#282)
Make maximum messages per kinesis put request configurable (#280)