Small patch releases: Enrich 2.0.7, Sqs2kinesis 1.0.2, Iglu Server 0.8.1, S3 Loader 2.1.4

We have pushed out some patch releases of a few of our applications over the last couple of weeks:

In all cases we bumped the versions of some underlying dependencies to newer releases that had fixed some potential security vulnerabilities. These releases do not add any new features. We try to always update to mitigate known security vulnerabilities, even when we do not think the vulnerabilities are reachable or can be exploited on a Snowplow pipeline.


There are no changes to the application config files, so you can just start using the new docker images, e.g.

docker pull snowplow/stream-enrich-kinesis:2.0.7

// or

docker pull snowplow/sqs2kinesis:1.0.2

// or

docker pull snowplow/iglu-server:0.8.0

// or

docker pull snowplow/snowplow-s3-loader:2.1.4

Change in base docker image

We have changed the base docker image to eclipse-termurin because our previous base docker image (adoptopenjdk) is not receiving new updates. This should not affect most users of the apps. However, if you have a non-standard build (e.g. you build a custom image based off our snowplow image) then I suggest you double-check your custom image still works as intended.

SQL Enrichment

If you use the SQL enrichment, we are aware that Enrich 2.0.7 does not work well with older versions of MySql, e.g. version 5.7.x. If you encounter this problem, we suggest you upgrade to a newer version of MySql. There are no known problems with newer versions of MySql or with Postgres.