Several collector URL hosts for one collector machine?

Hi all!

We currently have set up a collector URL snowplow.[collector].com. What we do is pointing all other domains (existing on other hosts) to this endpoint where snowplow collector is hosted.

We are now looking into to having several collector endpoints but of course we do not want to host several collectors.

I found this post How to properly configure the Scala Stream Collector v0.16.0 where this is stated

set up the collector with two separate valid endpoints (one for each domain, eg and

However it does not say how this should be done. Is it simply adding snowplow.[collector].com as well as snowplow.[new collector endpoint].com to the cookie part of the config hocon, or do we need to change the loadbalancer configuration? Currently we have a kubernetes setup for the collector (service, ingress, backend)


You can point the DNS for these domains to your load balancing endpoint (and ensure that you have a valid SSL certificate for these domains / subdomains setup).

Hi mike thanks for your reply!

So if I understand correctly we simply need to define the endpoint snowplow.[new collector].com so that it points to the IP address where the load balancer service is hosted? Given that we have a valid SSL cert for this new host url? Do we need to think about ports as well?


That’s correct - ports will all stay the same as the service won’t require any changes.

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