Send in separate id of events due to duplicates

Hi, we are looking for a way to send in events with our own internal id to track it in case the event id is not representing the right count.

Found this (below) but says it is deprecated. Any ideas here how to proceed?

Hi @brajjany ,

The mobile and JS/web trackers offers the Global Contexts feature (web, mobile)

A possible solution would be to use that feature to associate a custom entity with your ID to all the events you track.
The procedure is:

  1. Create your own custom JSONSchema with a ID field.
  2. Add a Global Context generator that creates your context with your ID and add it to all the events.
  3. In the data modelling you will have your IDs in a separate table but associated to all the events tracked.

Being your custom context you can add more than just the ID, in case you need extra info in data modelling phase.

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:wave: Just to add to Alex’s answer since I know from the other thread that you use the Java tracker, it doesn’t have global contexts but you can attach contexts to your events by passing the context to the track method.


Thx for the answers guys!

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