Scal Stream Collector Configuration

Hello, I am new in this field and I am not able to run run scal-stream-collector with below command
java -jar stdout/target/scala-2.12/snowplow-stream-collector-stdout-1.0.1.jar --config my.conf
It gives error my.conf not found. I could not found where should i put the configuration file in the scala-stream-collector according to documentation. Can you help me where to put the configuration file and what it should contain?
Screenshot from 2020-08-31 12-24-06

You can put the configuration file in whatever directory you’d like - for testing this is usually the current directory.

This error looks like it’s attempting to find my.conf but is unable to locate that file - where have you put it?

what should my.conf file should include? there is no any reference to it.

For setting up the scala stream collector you’ll want to have a look at the config.hocon.sample example at the top of the Configure the Scala Steam Collector docs.

You can find the template and the configuration options here: Configure the Scala Stream Collector

Here is a direct link to the template: config.hocon.sample

We’re moving our documentation from Github -> The documentation on configuring the Scala Stream collector is here.