Sbt test failed

I have cloned snowplow successfully. Trying to use sbt test as shown in documentation.

But i get error

Please help me.

Hi @lalspicesresearch,

Sorry for the confusion, but:

  1. We’re slowly (perhaps too slowly) deprecating snowplow/snowplow monorepository and extracting every component into its dedicated repository. Common Enrich now has its home at snowplow/enrich along with all other enrich-related components.
  2. The particular error you’re seeing is because of newer JDK on your computer. That method is not-deprecated up to JDK8. You can switch your JDK version with something like JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8.0_212) sbt (obviously only if you have that particular version). But also you won’t need that if you use snowplow/enrich as it was already fixed there.

@anton so all component of snowplow has its own repo ? Ok i will check my JDK.

Yes, you can find more details here: