Sample Data For Redshift

Hi Guys, we are evaluating Snowplow for one of our clients ( a big e-commerce company ). They understand that snowplow is really good and powerful, but want to play around with the data using their BI tool to see how easy it is to get reports out. ( they are not wiling to put in the tracker on their site before that ) . They are specifically interested in E-Commerce and User Tracking.

Has anyone faced such requests ? How are you guys generating data for Redshift ?


It’s not intended for this purpose at all, but you could use avalanche for sending user requests and form some sample events and arrays of acceptable content, then loop through picking random vals and send payload. See Avalanche for details. [link][/link]

You could also spin up snowplow-mini and it includes buttons to simulate traffic and includes elasticsearch for demo dashboard on Kibana.

Do they have a sandboxes environment for testing that they could load the tracker on?

As for getting data out, enriched data is available in almost any AWS endpoint you could imagine. S3, Redshift, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch. And since it’s inside your AWS account (you own all your data), exporting isn’t a problem, no gatekeeper trying to prevent you from getting it out

Thanks for the reply @13scoobie, by getting data out i meant, how easy it is to get reports out of the system. The predefined recipes are very handy and should do the trick here.