S3 Loader 2.2.1 released

We are pleased to announce version 2.2.1 of Snowplow’s S3 Loader

The S3 Loader is a key component of a Snowplow AWS pipeline for loading either raw events, enriched events, or failed events to cloud storage.

This patch release bumps Hadoop to version 3.3.3, which removes many security vulnerabilities associated with the older version of Hadoop. This change only affects the “lzo” docker image, which is used for loading raw (pre-enrichment) collector payloads to S3. The standard (non-lzo) docker images do not include Hadoop in the build.


If you are already using version 2.2.0 of S3 Loader, then upgrading to version 2.2.1 is as simple as pulling the newer Docker image:

docker pull snowplow/snowplow-s3-loader:2.2.1-lzo

If you are still using an older version, then check the upgrade guides and the full user guide for this loader.