Rough resource/cost requirements for a GCP pipeline by load

Hi all,

I was just wondering whether there is any link for an ‘ideas’ or ‘feature requests’ area for snowplow and it’s various components?

I wasn’t sure whether discourse is the place for this or whether there is a more centralised list.


Discourse is a good place to start. Good ideas usually generate some discussion too so we get a good idea of how popular an idea might be, or we can discuss if it’s already on the roadmap somewhere :slight_smile:

If it’s an idea related to a particular component then you could always raise a GitHub issue at the specific repository too.

I’m not sure how the question relates to the title of this post but figured I’d try and answer both :smiley:
So for cost estimates, this is something we estimate for Snowplow Insights customers as we know how we configure Snowplow. When it comes to Open Source, there are many way to configure or set it up, so giving cost estimates is quite a challenge and it also varies based on event volume too. So there are quite a number of variables. Understanding your desired Snowplow architecture though, and then using the Cloud Provider calculators should give you a rough estimate.


Oops! Sorry about the title!
(Edited title for consistency - it was “Rough resource/cost requirements for a GCP pipeline by load”)

I actually started out wondering about cost, but managed to get a rough enough idea of that using the GCP pricing calculator - sorry again about the mistake in the title.

Regarding the ideas, I just didn’t want to clutter up discourse unless there was a dedicated section, but if you say it’s alright… :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to answer both my poorly worded questions.

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