Redshift real-time loader with Kinesis app?

I have found that there was plans to use Kinesis app for load data to Redshift:
It is called there as Amazon Redshift drip-feeder. I have googled it and was able to find only roadmap for one of snowplow releases, where it was mentioned as planned solution to develop.

Is there any news about this app? Why it not mentioned anywhere in docs? Is it in development?

Hi @sphinks - there’s no news on this app yet. But it’s fairly easy to load Redshift from the Kinesis pipeline using EmrEtlRunner in “stream enrich” mode, details here:

Hi @alex,
I’m doing it exactly with EmrEtlRunner rigth now. But in case of kinesis app it will be real time data in redshift, meanwhile in EmrEtlRunner I get data at the time of running EmrEtlRunner, so I was wondering if there any news regarding Kinesis app.

Thanks for clarification.