RDB Loader Fargate task stopped, log stream still running


we are running snowplow/snowplow-rdb-loader:0.19.0 on AWS Fargate. We started receiving weird error messages on the log stream of the rdbloader lately. It was trying to process old runs which already have been processed.
Yesterday afternoon we decided to wipe the enriched and shredded bucket and also stop the rdbloader task and eventually removed the rdbloader cluster on Fargate.
Today around noon we started seeing new log streams of the rdbloader log group with the same strange authentication error even though no rdbloader task is currently running. How can that be?

The authentication error itself is also strange since the password of redshift should be correct. It did process more recent files correctly yesterday.
Now there is no data in the buckets and no container with rdbloader running on Fargate? Where are the logs coming from?

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