RDB Loader 5.6.0 released

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released RDB Loader version 5.6.0

Starting with this version, loaders will create the database schema you’ve passed in the config automatically on initialization if it isn’t created previously. No further configuration is needed to enable this.

The database user for the loader needs to have permission to create schemas to make this feature work. If the user doesn’t have the necessary permission, the loader will just skip this step. In that case, you will need to create the schema manually prior to running the loader.

This feature only affects new deployments. If you are already successfully running the loader, nothing will change.


If you are already using a recent version of RDB Loader (3.0.0 or higher) then upgrading to 5.6.0 is as simple as pulling the newest docker images.

There are no changes needed to your configuration files.

docker pull snowplow/rdb-loader-redshift:5.6.0
docker pull snowplow/rdb-loader-snowflake:5.6.0
docker pull snowplow/rdb-loader-databricks:5.6.0
docker pull snowplow/transformer-pubsub:5.6.0
docker pull snowplow/transformer-kinesis:5.6.0
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