Problem Sinking from Scala Stream Collector to Kinesis

Hi, when I test the Python tracker, I got the following debug message:

07:13:20.854 [] DEBUG s.can.server.HttpServerConnection - Connection was PeerClosed, awaiting TcpConnection termination...
07:13:20.858 [] DEBUG s.can.server.HttpServerConnection - TcpConnection terminated, stopping

Please advise.

Hi @lam - those are just debug messages. What’s the exact problem you are seeing?

Thanks, Alex.

There’s no problem actually. I was looking at monitoring dashboard in Kinesis, but it was showing no data was put through. However, I deleted and recreated the stream this morning and it starts to work.

Apologies for the nonsense.

I had a similar problem a few days ago but with Enrich and the S3 sink. Cloudwatch was telling me the records were going in but the S3 sink wasn’t pulling any records and recreating the streams fixed the problem.

Bit worried I couldn’t explain why it happened.