Posgres Loader Upgrade issues - Iglu Error

I’m trying to upgrade my version of the postgres loader from 0.1.1 to 0.3.1

When trying to start the docker container with the same resolver.conf (same iglu sever and schema). and the same target database to load data to - I get this error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn’t initalise the state IgluError(SchemaKey(com.dbip,isp,jsonschema,Full(1,0,0)),ResolutionError(TreeMap(Iglu Client Embedded → LookupHistory(Set(NotFound),1,2021-10-21T22:32:14.598Z), My Iglu Server → LookupHistory(Set(NotFound),1,2021-10-21T22:32:14.594Z))))

I’m unsure how to interpret this error or why this version upgrade is throwing this error for me.

Does that schema exist on one of those Iglu Servers?

If so check that the Iglu servers are >= 0.6.0 of Iglu server as this is a requirement for the most recent version of the Postgres loader.

Hey, yeah our iglu version is 0.7.0

That being said, it seems that this error was actually the loader not being able to communicate with iglu. I fixed a firewall rule and it started working.

Perhaps unrelated but with this bump there was also a requirement to issue a manual table change: Snowplow Postgres Loader 0.3.0 released

With this migration script: snowplow-postgres-loader/0-3-0.sql at master · snowplow-incubator/snowplow-postgres-loader · GitHub

Yup was aware of that and did have to do that once i got it working.

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