Performance managing S3 buckets

Hi all,

We have improved a little bit our batch-pipeline peformance this way.

Archive step

If for any reason the server running the EmrEtlRunner pipeline is in a different region than the “archive_enrich” step (Step 12 in the image) then the performance could be impacted, even if the source (:good) and target (:archive) buckets are in the same region.

Here below you can see what was our performance when using 2 different regions and when using only one.

Clojure tracker

If your collectors are in different regions, logging into S3, we recommend to enable the S3 Cross-Region replication to sync the files into your :raw:in bucket


Many thanks for sharing these performance tips @vceron!

Just to add one more: cross-region loading of Redshift (S3 in one region, Redshift in another) is incredibly slow as well. Try to avoid that wherever possible - even if you have to add an aws s3 mv step in-between EmrEtlRunner and StorageLoader.

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