NodeJs Iglu client

I noticed that iglu client for javascript is Browser only.

Is it any plans of work streams to make nodeJs client? I am keen to contribute

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Hi @Volland,

Right now, our reference and most powerful implementation is Iglu Scala Client, which is used in most of our software. We don’t have any concrete plans for Node.js client right now, but contributions are certainly welcome - we’re very keen to let Iglu ecosystem grow and would really appreciate if you can share the use case for Iglu JS Client.

Please, read our Contributing guide - we usually create tickets first to communicate what and why needs to be done and then adding a dedicated commit for this issue. This would also help us to guide you in contracts and assumptions of Iglu ecosystem.

P.S. I added a couple of tickets to communicate where do we think Iglu JS client should grow:


@anton Thanks for links.
I see 2 strategis

  1. We could make client Nodejs friendly and fix that issue with a format of config and than refactor to a scala core like structure.
  2. We redesign a client from zero