New events defined, but not getting to enricher (AWS self hosted)

Hi all, kind of new to snowplow, so please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask this question or if you need more info to help me troubleshoot.

So recently I took over a snowplow setup and have been working with engineering to update some events that we are tracking and start adding new ones. We have a self serve solution set up in aws. So whenever we release a new event update, I update the glu catalog stored in an s3 bucket and then eng starts firing the new events to the collector.

Whenever eng creates a new event, the old events still fire and any updates to schema get picked up properly, but new events do not fire. I am thinking that I am missing something basic, but hoping to get some help on troubleshooting, thanks!

First port of call is to look into failed events. If the event fails validation - or something else goes wrong in processing the event, enrich will generate failed events. They will have an error message indicating what’s going wrong.

Thank you! Doing that now.