New dbt package! Snowplow-unified v0.1.1 released

We are really excited to announce the release of the Snowplow Unified dbt package, which contains a fully incremental model that transforms raw web and mobile event data generated by the Snowplow JavaScript and mobile trackers into a set of derived tables: views, sessions and users.

Built on top of the advanced features in our existing web model, this new package supersedes our existing web and mobile models. It can be run only for web or mobile events, if needed. Please refer to the doc site for a full breakdown of the package. There is also a new blog post you might find useful to read on this topic.


  • dbt Package that processes web and mobile events simultaneously
  • Support for Snowflake / BigQuery / Databricks / Redshift / Postgres
  • optional modules such as consent, app errors and web performance (core web vitals)

Please note that this data model is under the Snowplow Personal & Academic License (SPAL). For further details please refer to our documentation site and our new blog post on this topic.


To install the package, add the following to the packages.yml in your project:


  - git: ""
    revision: 0.1.1

dbt hub

  - package: snowplow/snowplow_unified
    version: [">=0.1.0", "<0.2.0"]