Need to rebuild snowplow in new region

I have to reinstall all the steps of snowplow in the new AWS server due to crash of the EC2 instance.

Other than us-east-1 which region i can choose to recreate the server.

Please suggest me as early as possible…

I am trying to rebuild in us-east-2 but while running EMRETL runner i am getting below error…

 ArgumentError (AWS EMR API Error (ValidationException): Instance type 'm2.xlarge' is not supported in region 'us-east-2'.)

please help me to resolve this error and give me the suggestion to rebuild the entire snowplow steps.

Sandesh P

As specified in the error message, your chosen instance type is not supported in your chosen region.

You can try M3.

@BenFradet Thanks for the reply…

i want to rebuild the snowplow in different AWS server…

please let me know other than us-east-1 which region will support all the steps of snowplow?

Snowplow supports every region however not all instance types are supported in every AWS region.

In which region shall i build the new instances?