Need to build "storage loader" to debug IAM problem

I’m trying to figure out why the storage loader is failing with AWS S3 access denied errors and have exhausted all other options. So I’ve instrumented the Ruby code that’s throwing errors (per the stack traces I’m getting) but can’t find any documentation on how to build the “storage loader” script/JAR.

The docs for building other things work fine, but not the storage loader. Any clues?

Hey @cnamejj, that’s odd. I’ve been building the StorageLoader all week without issue. Assuming you have the Vagrant and VirtualBox environment up and running, it should just be a matter of running this script:

This will give you the fatjar ready for running.

We’re running on AWS instances so no Vagrant/Virtualbox here. Thanks for the script, will run it shortly.

Ah, I’ve been reading all the Kinesis centric docs and was trying to build with “sbt”.