Moving Snowplow Micro Events to GCS Bucket

Has anyone successfully sent events from snowplow micro to a GCS Bucket? I can only find instructions for Snowplow Open Source on the official documentation.

Hi @sven - are you able to elaborate on what your use case is for the copy over? This isn’t something I’ve seen a request for so far so would love to understand why and what might be a good solution.

Hi! I’m trying to implement a JavaScript tracker on a website that I’m locally hosting and collect page view and button clicking events. I’m hoping to add more but I’m starting off with these, and I’ve embedded the code in my HTML page.

I’m unable to set up SnowPlow on GCP, hence I’m using Micro, but I have access to the details of a GCS bucket that I can use to store these events that are being collected by my collector.

I just wanted to know if it would be possible to send snowplow micro events to it, and if so, how I could do that, since I can’t find anything in the official documentation.

Micro is really designed for QA testing and CI/CD integrations rather than a fully fledged pipeline. For that reason there isn’t really sink into GCS or S3 - as the events are ephemeral and in-memory, they only exist for as long as Micro is up.

If you are running into issues with the GCP pipeline I’d recommend posting a thread with your issues as this is a far more reliable and scaleable option than Micro.