More user table options in our snowplow normalize dbt package v0.2.2!

Version 0.2.2 of our snowplow_normalize dbt package has just been released. It brings with it added options for the users table, and fixes an issue with BigQuery column aliases.


This release fixes an issue with column aliasing in BigQuery when the schema order differs from the table in the warehouse. It also adds the ability to alias your user_id column and add flat columns into your users table.


  • Fix column alias ordering issue in BigQuery
  • Add ability to alias user_id column
  • Add ability to add flat columns to the events table

Under the hood

  • Alter github pages publishing action


To upgrade the package, bump the version number in the packages.yml file in your project. To use the new features please see our docs for the new values to add to your config file.

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