Model GA4 events together with Snowplow events

we are thinking about transitioning from GA4 to Snowplow. Is there a way to prepare the historic GA4 raw events so that we can model them together with the new Snowplow raw events?
We are working with Bigquery and dbt.


Hi Tobias, since the data models are completely different it is not worth the effort of trying to model them together IMO. It would be necessary to enhance the Snowplow DBT model a lot…and I am not even sure if it would be possible at all.

Thanks @davidher_mann !
We were thinking about putting a view on top of the GA4 raw data to bring it into the Snowplow raw events schema. And then union this view with the snowplow raw events.
Or are both events schemas too different to do this in a reasonable amount of time?

This is something that I’m actively investigating at the moment if you want to reach out and chat. One challenge is that GA4 is effectively schemaless (though has some enforcement of types if you want to be generous) vs Snowplow having quite a strong opinion about schemas. It’s a challenge but as far as I can tell is not something that is irresolvable.

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