Missing fatjar file in github for snowplow/snowplow-bigquery-loader

This is odd, but there is docker image for all the flavour of bigquery loader components is available (i.e. streamloader, loader, mutator & repeater) and also relevant fatjar files is in github, except for bigquery-loader as shown here Releases · snowplow-incubator/snowplow-bigquery-loader · GitHub

Is there a reason on why this fatjar file alone is missing? Or am I missing something in the setup process for this?

Hi @Pradeep , the loader component is meant to be executed as a custom container on Dataflow (you can find more details about custom containers here). For that reason, the fatjar is not useful in this case.

Unlike loader, all other components can be run with:

java -jar myFile.jar [options]

which is why we publish the fatjars for them.