Kinesis LZO S3 Sink - Monitoring snowplow

Hi All,

There is a section in config related to optional monitoring endpoints

Optional section for tracking endpoints

monitoring {
snowplow {
collector-uri: "{{collectorUri}}"
collector-port: 80
app-id: "{{sinkLzoAppName}}"
method: “GET”

But the documentation is very limited, I want to know where is it used and how ? if there is documentation kindly point me to same.


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Hello Rajan,

This section refers to using a Snowplow collector to monitor the following life cycle events of the application:

  • initialization
  • heartbeats (every 5 minutes the application will make the fact that it is still running known)
  • failures (to send an event to s3 for example)
  • shutdown

Each time those events occur a corresponding Snowplow event will be sent to the configured collector.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your response. I will try this.