Kafka-elasticsearch sink

Hello, I am looking how to use ES with kibana for real-time events dashboard without anything amazon related. We deploy on premise.
Kafka collector - enricher is a great addition, but how can we get the events from kafka and store it to ES?


Hey @magaton - it’s great to hear that you are getting some good usage out of the Snowplow real-time pipeline running on-premise with Kafka!

Unfortunately we haven’t built a component to do this (yet!). But it should be possible to build something, most likely by mashing up:


Let us know how you get on if you do go down this route!

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I understand you are publishing Thrift messages into Kafka. Do you have an example (in java) how they can be consumed (deserialised)?

I’m using Kinesis and can successfully deserialize enriched Thrift messages calling the Scala Analytics SDK from Java in our test environment. It’s not the cleanest solution but it works.

I wanted to implement kafka consumer that deserialises Thrift messages.
Had some problems defining correct maven dependency at first, then ended up implementing

It’s a spring boot based app that starts kafka consumer that reads thrift serialised message from snowplow topic.

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