JavsScript tracker - SamsungBrowser 4.0 ViewPort issue

Hi All,

I am experiencing issues with viewport detection on Samsung Brower 4.0 (different devices: S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 3). The error is more than 57% of all bad rows. Error always finishes with viewport size 0x-56 (yeah, negative value). Unfortunately I am unable to replicate issue in separated environment. Have someone noticed something like this?

Currently I am using JS tracker 2.5.2. Regarding the source, detectors.detectViewport() have not been changed.

Hi grzegorzewald,

Here is the code which detects the viewport size. I can’t see a way for it to return a negative number without window.innerHeight, document.documentAlias.clientHeight, or document.documentBody.clientHeight being negative, but that shouldn’t ever happen. Is it possible that a script on your page could be mutating those values and making them negative?

Let us know if you find out any more about this…


Hi @fred,

I agree - I have been looking in sources and have run detector code on 3 Samsung devices and couldn’t replicate. I was not able to replicate also in production environment.

The issue regards less than 0,05% if all events and only on particular browser (not all events - only small number of them). On the other hand this is the most popular issue, so I would like to investigate…

I have created a GitHub issue to track this here.