Is it possible to change vendor name for standard events like page_view, screen_view etc

We have a scenario where we need to identify source of standard events like page_views, screen_views etc.

We have 2 businesses. They are closely related to each other, we need to track page_views, screen_views for both the business units using the same snowplow stack. How can we identify which page_views are from which business unit.

For unstruct events we can easily do this by setting vendor name in schema. But for standard events vendor name is always “com.snowplowanalytics”.

Is there any way of clearly identify the business units for standard events (either by changing vendor name if possible or any other way).


Hi @rahul,

I’d just set the appId differently for each business.


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Thank you so much for replying. I also thought about that and believe that this is the easiest way to do this.


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