Is it possible to add messages to an SQS queue manually?

Due to networking difficulties I can’t put messages in the queue. I want to put the data I currently have in the s3 into the queue manually. How can I add messages to the SQS queue manually? Can I use the loader to do so if I change a configuration for looking for older data? Or can I do it on server startup? If not what would the SQS message look like if I want to compose it manually with some other service or codebase?

Hi @arregist I am assuming you are talking about the RDB Loader framework and you want to seed the queue for the loader directly?

If that’s the case yes you certainly can! All that needs to be done is:

  1. For each run= folder in S3 there is a shredding_complete.json file
  2. Get the contents of each of those JSON files that you want to have loaded
  3. Send those into SQS manually
  4. The loader will then work on those messages directly

This is the exact flow of how we handle this situation internally and works very well for recovery scenarios.

Hope this helps!