Introduction to data modelling

Hi folks. I’ve just published the final piece of a five-part series on data modelling Snowplow data.

This series follows me setting up a data model to get more serious about content consumption on our own web site so it’s got real-world use cases. I’ve had a lot of fun, and learnt a lot, writing this. Our data model is going to evolve quite a bit over time.


THanks for sharing this. Looking forward to digging in.

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Keen to hear any feedback as I’m about to revise it all and perhaps put it in a few new formats. Probably cover automating with dbt too.

Thanks you @shermozle this post is very well written ! Only been working with the awesome sql-runner so far, would be interested to read about dbt too.

Great series @shermozle. Haven’t had a proper crack at this - but it’s timely again now we’re re-evaluating some of our data models.

Keen to hear how you guys are using dbt btw!