In stream section what i need to specify in good and bad?

We are using AWS server and we installed snowplow.
While we start the collector we are getting below error.

05:57:25.525 [main] ERROR c.s.s.c.s.sinks.KinesisSink - Stream doesn't exist or is not active
05:57:25.526 [main] ERROR c.s.s.c.s.sinks.KinesisSink - Cannot write because stream doesn't exist or is not active

Below is our configuration details;

  enabled = "kinesis"

aws {
    access-key: "xxxx"
    secret-key: "xxxxxxxx"

  # Data will be stored in the following stream.
  stream {
    region: "us-east-2"
    good: ""
    bad: "{{}}"

Please help me what should i specify in good and bad of the stream section.

These should be set to the names of your two Kinesis streams, one for bad and another for good. You should not use the same stream for bad and good.

Hi @sandesh

As per documentation - you should specify output kinesis streams for good and bad data. In general you should not mix bot of them. Unless you have a particular request and you really know what you are doing.