Igluctl 0.10.1 released

We are pleased to announce version 0.10.1 of igluctl.

Igluctl is a CLI application for common Iglu registry tasks. You can find out more about igluctl on our docs site here.

What’s new

This release contains a bugfix. The bug affected only igluctl 0.10.0, where we introduced a change that created incomplete HTTP requests.

There are currently 3 igluctl commands that make HTTP requests:

  • igluctl static push
  • igluctl static pull
  • igluctl server keygen

Each of these commands require host:port/path to an Iglu server, where the port and the path are optional. If the path was provided, then whenever we needed to create an HTTP request to send to the Iglu server, we created an incomplete request that was missing the path, resulting in output that indicated a 404 Not Found response.

In this bugfix, we ensure that we build complete HTTP requests, so that the static push, static pull, and server keygen commands once again work as expected.