Iglu Webhook and get request (2053 characters)

Hey all,
Working with a client to collect some data and we are thinking of setting up a cloudfront collector and a iglu webhook, the main information we will receive is a JSON string with profile information, depending on the activity of the profile the string can vary in length but even with url encoding this could be bigger then 2053 characters. The way the web hook will be triggered is in fronted application with a pixel tracker, what are the thoughts of the character length of the get request?

I guess this (in part) depends on the percentage of IE users you are expecting where this limit is actually a problem (IE8 and below?). Is using POST an option instead?

Thanks @mike, POST is not a option with the Cloudfront collector, stats for IE 8 is low (less then 1%)

Iā€™d be tempted to run a test for a few hours (depending on your event volumes) and see how many events are dropped versus kept. If possible it may be worth writing some JS to fire an event if the payload exceeds a certain length to get a more accurate idea of how often you might hit this edge case, from there you should be able to narrow down what browsers might drop these to get an idea of how widespread the problem could be.