Iglu Server 0.6.0 released

We’re proud to announce the release 0.6.0 of Iglu Server. This release brings major stability improvements and API enhancements tremendously reducing chance of an error. Also it is an essential part of upcoming Redshift automigrations. Also it is a first release in its own repository


Nice work Anton.

Some new exciting features here (connection pools!) as well as some interesting groundwork for Redshift automigrations which will be amazing.

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I just successfully migrated from 0.5.0 yesterday.
Before upgrading our cloud infrastructure I tested the migration locally and found out that the “Upgrading” section is missing the --migrate 0.5.0 from the command line, resulting in a clean set up but not migrating API keys & existing schema.

For those running into the same issue, the full command is:

$ ./iglu-server_0.6.0.jar setup --config $IGLU_CONFIG_PATH --migrate 0.5.0

In any case thanks for this big update and keep up the good work!

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