Iglu Scala Client 0.5.0 released

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce release 0.5.0 of Iglu Scala Client. This release brings mostly internal changes such as publishing to Maven Central and bumping all dependencies to versions fully compatible with both Scala 2.10 and 2.11. It also brings new cacheTtl configuration property to use with real-time pipeline.

To get more information you can look at release notes.


@anton That cacheTtl setting is going to be an absolute life saver for us. Thanks!

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How do you guys use the iglu client outside the stream / emr ETL processes, what are other use cases?

Hello @dashirov,

One another current major use-case is configuration files. With Iglu client, application can check that configuration is valid and you don’t need to release new version of application just to restrict some property validation (you just push new schema). And this use case is more important that it may look at first glance.

But to be honest, Iglu is on its very stages of development and lot of research need to be done. One of my favorite, but not-yet-implemented use-case is class/type generation for statically-typed languages. So you could plug Iglu Registry as Maven into Spark job and self-describing JSON could be parsed into class based only on its schema (similar to F# type-providers) (GH issue).

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