IDFA not tracked on iOS Simulator


I need to track the IDFA of iOS devices that use my wrapped snowplow package (The snowplow package is a transitive dependency). I’ve followed all the instructions mentioned in the following link but still wasn’t able to track IDFA: Advanced usage | Snowplow Documentation

Here are some screenshots to aid my question:

The events are being triggered from the viewDidAppear() method in ViewController.

Could you help me track the IDFA, I’m new to iOS development.

Thank you,

It looks like on iOS simulator getting a null IDFA (all zeroes) is the expected behaviour.

The advertising identifier returns all zeros (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) in the following cases:

  • In Simulator, regardless of any settings.

Hey @mike ,

Yes, I’ve learnt that on simulator its tracked as zero’s but in the database the IDFA is tracked as null.
Is this normal? Also, I’ve set ‘SNOWPLOW_NO_IDFV’ to 1, which means this shouldn’t be tracked, but it is being tracked.